of the Presbyterian Church in America


We are PCA churches in the Baltimore & Annapolis area


Upcoming Events


We seek to be

Faithful to the Scriptures

True to the Reformed faith

Obedient to the Great Commission


Our Presbytery

Our vision is to be a regional body of the Presbyterian Church in America committed to extending the Gospel by encouraging and strengthening our churches, planting new churches, engaging in true worship, and fostering brotherly fellowship among our members and member churches.


The Gospel Mission

We embrace the Great Commission and its call to make disciples of all peoples. The inward focus of the Gospel renews the heart; the outward focus of the Gospel proclaims the only hope for those who are lost. Chesapeake Presbytery works with our churches to gather and perfect the saints by strategically planting new churches, by starting new campus works, and by working to spread the Gospel throughout the world.

Stated Meetings

Presbytery holds stated meetings on the second Tuesday of January, March, May, September, and November from 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Member churches host Presbytery meetings on a rotating basis.

Committees & Commissions

Chesapeake Presbytery supports with time and money the work of our committees and commissions, honoring them as the hands and feet and face of Presbytery ministering to us as presbyters, to our congregations, and to the world.

Regional Body of the Church

Believing that the Gospel summons us to live together in relationships marked by honesty, love, encouragement, and sacrifice, we want to be known and loved as we labor together – called as we are to worship the living God and to serve Him in a spirit of unity. Together we are renewed with energy and clarity of direction.


Believing the spiritual health of Chesapeake Presbytery to be directly related to the spiritual health of our churches, we cheerfully devote time, prayer, and energy to the spiritual health of our churches – seeking to be proactive, not merely reactive, in working to this end with our ministers and sessions.


To realize our vision as a Presbytery, we are committed to identifying, training, mentoring, and credentialing pastors, missionaries, evangelists, teachers, elders, and deacons for the ministry of the Gospel.